Text notification and Instant Phone Interview

When a candidate clicks the job ad link they will be redirected to our website where they will enter their name and phone number. Submitting this form will send a text message to every MC contractor representative in that region (West Valley, East Valley…etc.) Instead of securing a single interview time with a single agency, they will be connected with every agency in the region.

By instantly connecting the candidate with one or more MC contractors via phone, we anticipate that the contractor will either make an offer by phone or schedule a follow up virtual or in-person interview. By personalizing the experience with an actual employer from the very beginning, we believe that this will increase commitment and attendance.

Connecting candidates immediately via phone eliminates travel altogether. If travel is required for a follow up interview, we hope that the candidate will feel more invested and optimistic of a job offer to make the effort.

When a candidate submits the form containing their name and phone number, every MC contractor in that region gets a text message IMMEDIATELY. We anticipate that multiple contractors will follow up with that candidate via phone within minutes or at least the same day. When a candidate gets a job offer they can simply send a reply text of “STOP” to discontinue the calls.


Project Info

  • Category: DSP Recruitment
  • Client: Mercy Care of Arizona
  • Location: Arizona
  • Org Type MCO
  • Lucid 6 Company Practical Training Solutions
  • Completed Date: In Progress (2022)
  • Year Completed 75k