Candidate Outreach for multiple agencies using an “open interview” schedule.

Practical Training Solutions (PTS) has completed the second contract term (January 1, 2021-December 31, 2021)  to recruit, train and secure employment for 250 direct support workers. Many program adjustments were made this year to increase program performance and placement rates. Though our placement numbers improved from year one, results were far from optimal though we have learned many things. The first program modification from year one was the development and implementation of an interview scheduling system that would connect applicants directly to Mercy Care contractors, prior to training. We felt that starting the process of interviewing and beginning with a job offer, the applicant would be more motivated to complete training. Development of this system proved to be more complex and took longer than expected. Development cost for the system was $5500 and was announced and released to Mercy Care contractors April 22, 2021. The initial email announcement to MC contractors was opened 62 times with 25 clicks. Contractors were also individually contacted via phone. 5 MC contractors enrolled into the program and completed their profile and job ad. Online advertisements began May 1st using Zip-recruiter, Indeed, Craigslist, Facebook and The State Press (ASU). Facebooks proved to provide the greatest return therefore all marketing dollars beginning in July was shifted to Facebook at a $40 per day budget.

Barrier 1 identified to low placement: Online selection Process

The online interviewing scheduling system allows the candidate to select from a list of Mercy Care contractors all with a dedicated open interview time during the week. This is list is sorted by location. Only 30% of applicants that responded to the online job ads completed the interview selection. In response to this, the recruiter changed the process, so that the applicant simply had to pick from a list of dates and times for an interview provided to them via direct interaction through facebook. This eliminated the steps of the candidate creating an account and selecting the interview time. This change helped though it did not resolve the barrier.


2022 Modification:

Instead of completing a brief application and contacting our recruiter through facebook, when a candidate clicks the job ad link they will be redirected to our website where they will enter their name and phone number. Submitting this form will send a text message to every MC contractor representative in that region (West Valley, East Valley…etc.) Instead of securing a single interview time with a single agency, they will be connected with every agency in the region.


Barrier 2 identified to low placement: High no-show rate to interviews

Currently applicants are no-showing 95% of the time for scheduled in-person  interviews. Virtual interviews were adopted by a couple MC contractors but this did not resolve the issue.


2022 Modification:

By instantly connecting the candidate with one or more MC contractors via phone, we anticipate that the contractor will either make an offer by phone or schedule a follow up virtual or in-person interview. By personalizing the experience with an actual employer from the very beginning, we believe that this will increase commitment and attendance.


Barrier 3 identified to low placement: Distance to Interview

It came to our attention that some MC contractors were physically located in a region that was different than the location of the work. Candidates expressed concern with traveling from one side of the valley to another.


2022 Modification:

Connecting candidates immediately via phone eliminates travel altogether. If travel is required for a follow up interview, we hope that the candidate will feel more invested and optimistic of a job offer to make the effort.


Barrier 4 identified to low placement: Time Between Application and Interview Date

Many times the candidate would select an interview date 3-6 days away from the date of application. Though this was the preferred time that the candidate chose, many variables, issues or unforeseen circumstances can arise in 3-6 days time.


2022 Modification:

When a candidate submits the form containing their name and phone number, every MC contractor in that region gets a text message IMMEDIATELY. We anticipate that multiple contractors will follow up with that candidate via phone within minutes or at least the same day. When a candidate gets a job offer they can simply send a reply text of “STOP” to discontinue the calls.


Barrier 5 identified to low placement: Low starting Wages

Dozens of candidates responded to the online job ad and stated that they were very interested in program, however they were unable to live on the wages provided. Comments were hidden from the post as it quickly become a complete “rant” by many people complaining about their ability to get a higher paying job at McDonalds rather than getting adequate pay for the job they wanted as a caregiver.


2022 Modification:

Addressing this barrier is outside the scope and control of our program. This appears to be the single greatest barrier to not only this program but the field as a whole.



Next steps to launching the 2022 program will be contacting each Mercy Care contractor individually by phone to discuss the new interview scheduling process. This will be done during January while  development is taking place for the new automated phone interview system.

Project Info

  • Category: DSP Recruitment
  • Client: Mercy Care of Arizona
  • Location: Arizona
  • Org Type MCO
  • Lucid 6 Company Practical Training Solutions
  • Completed Date: 2021
  • Year 75k